CNAME records for Pivotal Web Services (PWS)

I have been using PWS for a few applications that I tinker with in my spare time, but until now I haven’t tried to point my DNS entries to my apps running there. I’ve used GoDaddy for DNS for many years, but I ran into an odd situation when trying to use their service with CNAME records pointing to PWS.

According to the PWS docs, all I need to do is create a CNAME record that points my domain to PWS – * -> *, for example. Easy enough. I made the necessary changes in GoDaddy’s DNS manager, tested in my browser, and everything seemed great. The few other device types tested did not exhibit the same behavior. Frustrating.

However, when trying to access my subdomain on my Android phone, it doesn’t seem to resolve:

Long story short, the use of wildcard records with CNAME records doesn’t seem to work well with Android devices. It’s unclear to me whether this is a bug in Android, but it is very suspicious. The only workaround I’ve found is to create a specific subdomain record per app; e.g. ->

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